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Important Course Information

For EPD Online Students


Here you can always find the up-to-date course enrollment information for upcoming semesters. Click the link below to view the spreadsheet with available courses across all EPD programs for an upcoming semester.  The links to semester enrollment course lists will be made available on this page a few weeks before the first student enrollment times each semester.

If you have questions about which course(s) to take, please contact your Program Director or Student Services staff for advising assistance.  If you need assistance with the enrollment process, please contact You can also contact your EPD Student Services staff or the Program Director with specific questions by posting in one of the support forums, or your Program Group forum.



Important Related Notes

  • Once you are ready to enroll in courses, you may follow the Course Search & Enroll instructions from the UW Knowledgebase.
  • For specific program and curriculum planning information, students should view the “Course Planning Information” section within their specific EPD Community & Support site Program Group Page, or contact your Program Director and/or Student Services staff member.



Most EPD online courses have some type of scheduled live web conference using the Blackboard Ultra web conference tool.  If your course has a web conference, everyone has access to the web conference link from the course site navigation once the course site is published at the beginning of the semester. Every scheduled live web conference throughout the semester will be recorded, and students will also have access to these recordings through the course website.

The EPD Online Course Web Conference Master Schedule is a google spreadsheet that we keep as up to date as possible in order to provide our students with advance information of specific web conference times.  We update this information as we receive it from course instructors. This is typically at least 2 months prior to the start of the semester.  If you do not see your course listed, then please check back because we continually update this schedule as we receive new information from instructors.


View the EPD Online Course Web Conference Master Schedule

We do our best to provide an archive of example syllabi for our online courses. This archive provides our students with a rough idea of course topics, expectation, readings, assignments, etc. The course syllabi are organized by their home program, then by course number. Use the links below to browse the syllabus archive.

Students should keep the following in mind when viewing course syllabi:

  1. Example syllabus are not available for every course.
  2. Some courses are only available to students in certain programs. Check with your student services staff if you have questions about a particular course.
  3. Syllabus are available for view-only, and do not allow downloading.
  4. Since our courses evolve each time they’re offered, students should remember that the details from an example syllabus may change, such as textbook information, assignments, and dates. The information within these example syllabus should only be used for a tentative understanding of what you might expect if you take the course.

Access EPD Online Course Syllabus Repository